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Starting a Vegetable Garden

Posted by Kelly Dennis on

Starting a Vegetable Garden

For the best success, a vegetable garden should be well planned out in advance. The site location is of the utmost importance. A spot near the house in full sunlight is the normally the most convenient spot, however, drainage, soil quality, and shade from buildings or trees may mean the garden must be located in an area farther from the house. A good vegetable garden must have at least six hours of full sun each day in order for your food crops to mature properly. No amount of fertilizer, water, or care can replace needed sunshine. The soil should be very fertile and well draining so that water never puddles after a rain storm. Choose a spot close to a water supply for convenience, and to avoid having to use long lengths of hoses (consider situating a rain barrel near your garden for easier watering).  Planting a vegetable garden where it can be visited frequently will allow you to monitor plant pests and the general health of the garden more easily….

Grow Your Garden Even If You Have Limited Space

Do you have limited space for your garden? Check out our selection patio/deck grow bags. Potato, tomato, peppers, herbs and many other smaller vegetables can be grown in your limited space using our wide variety of grow bags and planters.  Even if you live in the city and think you don't have room for a garden, we have the product to help you make it happen!!  

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