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Gardman Deck/Patio Herb Planter


  • $ 12.99

Keep fresh herbs on your patio or deck with the Gardman Patio Herb Planter Tub. This
innovative planter places fresh herbs at your fingertips without occupying valuable space in the kitchen. The sturdy, woven polyethylene construction forms a breathable container, and six drainage holes on the base prevent over watering. The four planting holes are situated at different levels along the item, enabling you to plant different herbs at varying spots and heights, for a lush and full garden. The dark green color of the planter blends with your herbs, while the versatile design offers room for 5 to 7 annual or
perennial plants with ease. When not in use, the unit collapses for easy seasonal storage.
Grow fresh herbs virtually anywhere with this Patio Herb Planter Tub.

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