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Go-GreenGardening Soft-Sided Fabric Grow Bags-Root Aeration Planting Bags - 3 Pack


  • $ 17.99

Yes, you still have time to grow fresh, home-grown vegetables even though you didn't get around to tilling, and planting your garden this spring, Our Go-GreenGardening Soft-Sided Fabric Grow Bags are the perfect solution for you!!

Fabric grow bags are breathable and promote plant growth faster and healthier through better root aeration.  They also promote healthy, secondary root formation for better plant nutrient intake. 

The Go-GreenGardening Soft-Sided Fabric Grow Bags are simple to use: just take out of the package, put the proper amount and type of soil for what you are planting, put your plant in the soil, water and fertilize, then stand back and watch your garden grow!! It really is that easy.
Great for the gardener who lives in a condo or apartment. They can be used on your patio, balcony, deck and even your sunroom. 
Other benefits: 2 reinforced carrying handles - Easy mobility allowing change for sunlight, fungus control, undesirable weather changes. Reusable - once the season is over, empty the contents, clean, fold and put away until next season.
Buy your Go-GreenGardening Soft-Sided Fabric Grow Bags now and get your garden started!!


  • Super Easy and Hassle Free way to grow your own veggies!!  No need to struggle with an unruly tiller, or spend hours weeding. Fun and easy to use!!
  • The Go-GreenGardening Soft-Sided Fabric Grow Bags - 3 pack comes in two sizes: 7 gallon (9 1/2" Diameter x 14" Tall) and 10 gallon (15 1/2" Diameter x 12" Tall)
  • Fabric pots allow roots to breathe and grow healthier making producing high quality plants in less time
  • Offers great water drainage for sufficient water flow throughout the soil and root system while eliminating trapped water that causes over watering of the plant
  • Lightweight and reusable, with 2 reinforced carrying handles

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