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**NEW**Go-GreenGardening Vegetable/Tomato/Potato Grow Bag- 2 Pack - 14 Gallon


  • $ 17.99

Check out the newest addition to our Grow Bag family!!
The Go-GreenGardening Vegetable/Tomato/Potato Grow bag is a super easy and hassle free way to grow your own potatoes and veggies!! No need to struggle with an unruly tiller, or spend hours weeding.
The Go-GreenGardening Vegetable/Tomato/Potato Grow Bags are fun and easy to use: just take out of the package, put the proper amount and type of soil for what you are planting, put your plant in the soil, water and fertilize, then stand back and watch your garden grow!! It really is that easy!!
You can use the Go-GreenGardening Vegetable/Tomato/Potato Grow Bags to grow potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and many other vegetable plants.  These grow bags have 14 gallon capacity and are made from wipe clean, strong woven material with strong reinforced handles and drainage holes. They are large enough to accommodate a tomato cage.
The Go-GreenGardening Vegetable/Tomato/Potato Grow Bags are portable and can be used on your patio, porch,deck, balcony or sunroom. Perfect for the gardener who lives in a condo or apartment.
Other benefits:  Access flap for harvesting and viewing. 2 reinforced carrying handles for easy mobility, allowing change for sunlight, fungus control, undesirable weather changes. Reusable - once the season is over, empty the contents, clean, fold and put away until nextseason.
Buy your Go-GreenGardening Vegetable/Tomato/Potato Grow Bags now and get your garden started!!
  • SUPER EASY AND HASSLE FREE  way to grow your own veggies or potatoes!!  No need to struggle with an unruly tiller, or spend hours weeding. Fun and easy to use!!
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE- Made of strong, hard wearing, material.  Access flap for harvesting and viewing.  8 eyelet drainage holes and 2 strong reinforced carrying handles.
  • PORTABLE- Our grow bags are portable, compact and lightweight. They can be used on your patio, porch,deck or balcony. Perfect for the gardener who lives in a condo or apartment
  • STRONG STITCHED SEAMS - with 8 eyelet drainage holes and the 2 strong reinforced handles makes it easy to move
  • DIMENSIONS - 14 gallon capacity; 15" Diameter x 18" High. Large enough to accommodate a tomato cage.  Comes in 2 Pack

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