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Go-GreenGardening 2-Pack Large Reusable Lawn, Leaf & Garden Waste Bag Collapsible- 72 Gallon


  • $ 24.99


Get Ready to take on your Summer landscape and yard clean up with a 2 pack of our best Go-GreenGardening reusable yard, leaf & garden bag yet!!

Made with even heavier duty, quality materials, PLUS we have added double stitching to the bottom of each bag!! Ideal for collecting leaves, garden waste, yard waste and debris, plant clippings & trimmings and grass. It is also great for moving and storing items around the garage, barn or house.

Unlike other flimsy bags that fall over and collapse when you try to fill them, the Go-GreenGardening Large Reusable Lawn, Garden and Leaf Bag stays open, upright and stable while you are filling it. Our bag can hold up to 72 gallons of your garden and yard waste. And it can be folded flat and stored when not needed.

This bag will last you for years and help you with many of your garden and yard'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

  • DIMENSIONS - Our bag is 30 inches tall!! Much taller than the other bags that stand only 18 inches tall and smaller pop-up bags. Our bag is 26" dia. x 30" tall. Each bag holds up to 72 gallons of your garden and yard waste - That's almost 150 gallons total!!
  • DOUBLE STITCHED BOTTOM SEAM - with 4 strong handles that makes the bag easier to lift and empty. 2 reinforced carrying handles and 2 reinforced tipping handles
  • DURABLE - made out of quality, heavy duty woven, coated Polypropylene which is tear resistant, and 4 heavy duty webbing handles
  • STAYS OPEN - insert the provided flexible hoop through the top rim to hold the bag open and increase stability. This makes it easier to fill with your garden waste
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - can be folded flat for easy storage

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